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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Understanding Credit Report Ratings

Knowledge is power! Understanding your credit and your credit report is a valuable tool in your journey to great credit. Read More...

Got A Great Credit Score?

You have worked long and hard to establish a great history of timely payments. You have established open lines of credit and maintained low balances. You are a a trustworthy consumer to lenders and it reflects in your credit score. Read More...

Foreclosure Inventory Drops, What Does that Mean for Home Buyers | Step 1 Credit

Reports show that foreclosure inventory continues to drop, there are fewer foreclosures on the market. Read More...

Is Your Credit Reporting Telling The Truth About You

Is your credit report telling the truth about you? There is a very good chance that it does not. More than 100 million Americans have a credit profile with the three main credit bureaus and statistics show that upwards of 80% of those credit profiles contain some type of potentially serious error. About 77 million Americans have a debt in collections. Read More...