What is Credit History?

When people talk about your credit, they are talking about your credit history. Your credit history describes what credit you have a applied for, what current you have and have had, and how you pay your bills. This credit history is found on your credit report. Your credit report will also list your name, address, social security number your credit cards, you loans, how much money you owe and the payment history for each account.

Lenders look at your credit reports to see the record of your payment history and the debts you may owe. The use your credit history to make decisions as to the credit risk you may pose, meaning, what are the odds that you will repay the debt in in a timely fashion. Your past credit history is the best indicator of your future credit behavior. It is important to remember, when lenders and credit issuers look at your credit reports they assume all the information is true and correct.

If your credit history is not 100% accurate, has mistakes, misinformation, misleading, incomplete, untimely or unverifiable items reporting on it, creditors may not be getting an accurate report of your credit history.

It is your legal right to dispute inaccurate, unverifiable or incomplete items on your credit reports. Protect your credit history and if your report contains any of the negative questionable items mentioned, you have the right to dispute them in an effort to get them correct or removed from your credit history.