Strategies to Maintain and Improve Your Credit

1. Always pay your bills on time. Payment history comprises a large portion of your credit score. Paying bills on time will have a large impact on your score.

2. Pay down your credit card balances. Having low credit balances and more available credit will raise your credit score.

3. Check your credit limits. You may have a higher limit than is being reflected on your credit report. Issuers will quickly update this information.

4. Use your credit card lightly; do not max out your credit cards. This affects your debt to available credit ratio, which will lower your score.

5. Do not close unused credit card accounts. Keeping accounts open shows more available credit and if those cards have been on your report for some time they show positive account history and established accounts.

6. Avoid opening a lot of new accounts in a small period of time. Opening a lot of account in a short time will make lenders less confident in your ability to pay and build a good history.

7. Rotate the use of your cards. Inactivity or dormant accounts will not help your score. Even if it is a small recurring charge on an account this will help your credit reporting history