Reasons to Clean Your Credit

In today’s economy and job market, it is critical to have a clean, accurate credit report and a good credit score. Your credit history can affect your employment, insurance rates, obtaining loans and credit cards. There are many reasons to clean your credit report and to make sure your report and score truly and accurately reflect your credit history. 

Clean credit usually means lower interest rates for credit cards, car loans and home mortgages. Your credit score directly correlates to the type of interest rates lenders and credit issuers will offer to you. The cleaner a credit report typically results in higher credit scores and lower interest rates for you. Lower interest rates will save you money on credit card purchases, auto purchase and home loans. All of these savings can add up quickly to more money in your pocket. 

When you need a car loan or a home mortgage, you want to ensure you are able to get approved and secure the loans you need at a good rate. In order to make sure you can get that car or home loan, make sure your credit is clean and your credit report is accurate. It happens everyday that people are turned down due to inaccurate, unverifiable information that is on their credit reports. If there is in accurate information on your credit report and it is removed, it typically raises your credit score and improves your opportunities to secure loan approvals. 

A low credit score and a bad credit history can affect your opportunity for employment. Many jobs in which employees have access to financial information require that the employee have a good credit score. No one wants to get turned down for a job they qualify for because of a poor credit rating. It’s an important reason to clean your credit and increase your job opportunities. 

Having clean credit and a good credit score just makes so many things in life easier. Step 1 Credit has been helping people with their credit report programs realize the importance of better credit.