Benefits of Having a Clean Credit Report

There are many benefits to have the great credit a clean credit report can bring. You’ve worked hard, paid your bills on time, build a solid credit history and your credit report shows that you are not a credit risk. The hard work and diligence of a clean credit report provides you with benefits, they are the rewards of good credit. 
  1. Good Mortgage and Refinancing Rates. Lenders are more likely to extend good rates to you for your home when you have a good score and a clean credit history. Your high score and clean reports make you very desirable to lenders, you look like a responsible borrower based on your clean credit history. 
  2. Lower Interest Rates on Car Purchases and Leases. If you are looking to purchase a car your clean credit and good score give you bargaining power for a lower interest rate which means you will be saving yourself money.  
  3. Excellent Credit Card Offers. You are credit savy and your clean credit and good score demonstrate that. Now you get the best rewards cards with attractive rates and great incentives for rewards. Keep to those smart spending habits that helped you get your credit in shape.  
  4. Increased Credit Card Limits. When you prove to creditors that you are responsible and that you can handle more credit, you can request a credit limit increase, or the credit card company may just increase your limit automatically. Remember that the ratio of available credit to used credit helps to improve your credit score. High limits and low balances are the key to continually improved credit and scores. 
Your clean credit is important, keep up the good work and continually manage your credit to keep it clean and your credit scores great.