A Lesson We Can All Learn From Millennials

While many Millennials have shunned credit cards, it’s important to understand that they don’t dislike credit or credit cards they dislike debt. 

The younger generation doesn’t want credit card debt, in addition to student loans and the expenses associated with every day life. However, they do want to build their credit and credit score, so when they do obtain credit cards what they look for and want are great perks, discounts and the bargains that come with some credit cards. They want to rack up points and earn free rewards. 

Millennials love to travel and they love a good bargain. A credit card with a great return on points for travel, shopping and dining have been found to be the most appealing and sought after by the young generation. As great bargain shoppers, they have been shown to seek out the best return for their dollar, and they do the same when they credit card shop. They look for the best card discounts on travel, cash back rewards or sign up bonuses based on spending. They are very good at finding the best credit card deal for their lifestyle. 

Using credit to our benefit is something we should all work toward. Keep your debt low, pay off your credit cards every month and look for great credit cards that offer benefits that support your lifestyle. Great credit equals financial freedom so why not start making credit work for you today.