Understanding Credit Report Ratings

Knowledge is power! Understanding your credit and your credit report is a valuable tool in your journey to great credit. 

Each item on a credit report carries a corresponding rating number that summarizes your account status. This information will help you to understand the account status of accounts on a credit report. 

R-Revolving Account-A credit account that is charged and once paid can be used over and over. A revolving balance. 

I-Installment Account-A credit account that you pay a pre-set monthly payment and pay off the balance over time. 

00-Not rated, to new to rate, or approved but not used 

01 - Pays as agreed 

02 - 30-59 days past due date, late more than 30 days but less than 60 

03 - 60-89 days past due date, late more than 60days, but less than 90 

04 – 90-119 days past due date, late more than 90 days but less than 120 

05 – 120 days past the due date 

06 – 150 days past the due date 

07 – 180 days late, paying or paid under Wage Earner Plan 

08 – Repossession 08A – Voluntary Repossession 

09 – Charge off to bad debt, collection, charge off, bankruptcy, included in bankruptcy, judgment, lien, foreclosure