Got a Great Credit Score?

So you’ve worked long and hard to establish a great history of timely payments. You have enough open lines of credit with low balances to establish you are a trustworthy consumer to lenders and it reflects in your credit score. What now?

If you have an excellent credit score of 750 and above, you are an attractive credit candidate to lenders. Maximize your bang for your buck by asking your credit card company to cut your APR’s, you can secure 0% to 3% financing from most automobile lenders, and you qualify for low interest rates on mortgages and home equity loans. Lenders compete for consumers with excellent credit scores so this is your tool to maximizing your opportunities for low interest rates.

Great credit scores are the result of hard work and creditors and lenders will reward that high score with low rates and you will enjoy the benefits of cost saving for many years to come.