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How can you legally repair my credit?

It is your right to ensure that every item on your credit report is accurate. If any information on your credit report is inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable it must be corrected or removed from your credit report. Disputing items on your credit report is your right and you legally can request that questionable information be removed from your reports. For additional information please visit, The Fair Credit Reporting Act, Fair Debt Collections Practice Act and Fair Credit Billing Act, which all afford you the legal right to dispute items with the credit bureaus and individual creditors.

What type of mistakes can be legally removed from my credit report?

Any information that is inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable can be disputed with the credit bureaus and creditors. They must complete accurate and verifiable information. Items that can be removed or corrected include but are not limited to, bankruptcies, charge-offs, closed accounts, liens, collections, inquiries, late payments, judgments, repossessions, foreclosures, short sales, and personal information.

How long does credit repair take?

Each case is unique and it would be improper to promise a particular result within a specific time frame. However, the credit bureaus have 30-45 days to investigate and respond to a consumer’s dispute, so as a client of Step 1 Credit you will receive your first dispute results in about 30-45 days.

Can I repair my credit on my own?

Yes, you legally have the right to dispute items on your credit reports and with individual creditors. However, many people chose Step 1 Credit to assist with their credit repair based on the depth of experience and knowledge our team has in disputing with the credit bureaus and credit agencies and due to the considerable amount of time required to effectively and efficiently work to correct mistakes on their credit. Many people find Step 1 Credit is the best choice to maximize the best course of action to improve their credit; Step 1 Credit has the experience, knowledge and proven process in place to manage and facilitate the process for them.

Is it possible for deleted items to reappear on my credit report?

On rare occasions, an inaccuracy or mistake that was previously deleted will be verified by a creditor and will reappear on your credit report. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that the credit-reporting agency inform you before it re-reports the previously deleted item. Because of this, it is rare for a listing to return to a report once they have been deleted. If an item is re-reported, Step 1 Credit will assist you in challenging the listing for permanent deletion if it is not accurate.

How do I get my credit reports?

You are entitled to one free report per year under Federal Law. You may request your free reports from or simply contact Step 1 Credit and we will be happy to assist you obtain your reports for free or provide you with additional options to secure your credit reports.

What is a credit score? How is it determined?

A credit score is a complex mathematical model that evaluates many types of information on a credit file. A credit score is used by lenders to determine whether a person qualifies for a particular home loan, auto loan, credit line, credit card or service. 

I don’t understand the information on my credit report, can you help me?

Yes!  Step 1 Credit is happy to provide a free credit consultation to you and to answer any questions you may have.

How can you help correct my credit?

Disputing negative listings on your credit report is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Credit report correction is legal and it is your right. Any information found to be inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable, untimely, or misleading, must be corrected or removed from your credit report. 

Do you guarantee results of your service?

No. It is important you understand there are no guarantees of the results of our services. Each case is unique. It would be improper for Step 1 Credit to guarantee a particular result. It is important to know that any credit repair company that guarantees a particular result or success rate is not being honest.

What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that details how consumer credit information can be collected, given out, and used. Under the FCRA, consumers have a right to view information in their credit file and dispute inaccurate information.

What is the Fair Credit Billing Act?

The Fair Credit Billing Act is a Federal Law designed to facilitate the handling of credit complaints and eliminate abusive credit billing practices. The Act prohibits creditors from taking actions that adversely affect consumers credit standing until investigations are complete and affords other consumer protections during disputes. It also requires creditors apply payments promptly to consumer accounts and either refund overpayments or credit them to accounts. 

How does Step 1 Credit repair or correct inaccurate, incomplete or unverifiable information on my credit report?

Once we receive your credit report we will provide you with a one on one credit consultation to review the information it contains with you and prepare a personalized credit repair plan. Once you choose the items to be disputed, we will prepare the appropriate dispute and/or verification letters. This may sound easy, but according to federal law, the credit bureaus can ignore your dispute under a variety of conditions. 

Upon conclusion of the credit bureaus investigation, an updated credit report will be sent directly to you. According to federal law, a disputed credit listing must be accurate, complete and verifiable to remain on your credit report.

Does it count as an inquiry when I request my credit report(s)?

It is your legal right to view your credit reports as often as you like with out any affect to your credit score. Inquiries from potential creditors or employers do count as inquiries and may affect your credit score.

Do I need to send updated credit reports to Step 1 Credit?

Yes, update credit reports and responses should be sent to us so that we can update your account and keep the credit repair process efficiently and effectively on the right track.

How do I get updates on my credit repair process?

You can log into your account summary 24/7 to see up-to-date progress on your personalized credit repair plan. Remember to forward your updated credit reports and/or any responses you receive from the credit bureaus. Each time your account summary is updated Step 1 Credit will send you an email alert that your summary has changed.

How can I find out my credit score?

There are many monitoring sites available to consumers that offer reports and a score for a fee.  You are entitled to one free report each year from the three major credit bureaus at

What services do you offer?

Step 1 Credit focuses exclusively on offering expert credit repair services. Our services may include but are not limited to unlimited creditor disputes, same day representation, free support, 24/7 access to client central, report overview, enrollment confirmation letter, inquiry disputes, validation letters, goodwill letters and escalated information request (see service plans).

Does Step 1 Credit dispute all negative items on my credit report?

No. Federal Law requires that all disputes be submitted in good faith. Our process is fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. It is your right to seek to have inaccurate, unverifiable or incomplete items deleted, removed, updated or re-characterized by the credit reporting agencies and creditors.  The client selects the item(s) that they feel qualify to be disputed. 

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. All initial work and monthly work is performed and complete before a client is billed.  Just like a utility bill, all charges are for services already rendered.

Does Step 1 Credit disclose personal information?

Step 1 Credit does not sell, transfer, share or convey any of your personal information to any unaffiliated companies or third parties. We have strict policies in place for all employees regarding privacy of information. For additional information please see our privacy policy and terms of use .

What is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?

The Fair Debt Collections Act prohibits certain debt collectors from engaging in abusive behavior. It covers debt collectors working for collection agencies. It does not cover debt collectors working for the original creditor.

Where can I obtain a copy of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?

You can obtain a copy from

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