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Step 1 Credit has been a trusted
leader in the credit repair industry
since 2002.

Step 1 Credit was built on our vision of helping people to understand and take control of their credit. We have been offering affordable, convenient and effective credit repair service since 2002. Our team of credit experts has extensive knowledge in credit reporting, the credit bureaus and the methods used by creditors, which allows us to help you help yourself so that you can build a solid credit profile.

If you are not happy about your credit score and what you see on your credit report, you are not alone. Most American consumers are busy with the demands of daily life and are not able to devote time to researching their credit rights and disputing the inaccurate, unverifiable or incomplete items on their credit reports. Credit repair is legal and it is your right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Step 1 Credit is here to help you repair your credit and build your credit confidence.

The Step 1 Credit Difference

There is no secret or magic to credit repair. It is a process that requires time, diligence, persistence and know how. That’s where we come in. We help you to dispute your credit profile effectively and within your legal rights.

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Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done on my behalf. I could have never done this by myself. Step 1 Credit is wonderful to work with. My credit score on Experian jumped from a 548 to a 702 in 30 days! Allen Smith, Los Angeles

Because of you, my credit score is finally good enough to buy a house, thank you. Casey Jacobson, Culver City

Thanks for your help. The investment in your services is the best decision I've ever made. Bradley Owens, Los Angeles

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your work on my behalf. My score has gone up more than 100 points. Keep it up, thank you. Mark Domingo, Anaheim

I am absolutely delighted with the service you have provided to me. You have done everything that you said you would do. I highly recommend your services. Greg Anderson, Newport Beach

You are rock stars! Thank you for all your hard work and commitment. So far….great results on my credit reports. Yuna Cavelli, Orange County

I wanted to express my appreciation to your company for all the hard work and tremendous effort put into my credit repair. I have told everyone about your company. Laura Hayes, Newport Beach

You guys are awesome. I now have companies begging me to sign up for their credit cards. Thank you. Daryl Haas, Orange County

Thank you! I just received approval for my new home loan. You have made my dream of home ownership a reality. Claire Familara, Los Angeles

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to your services, I just got approved for a new car loan at a great rate! Martha Harris, Newport Beach

Step 1 Credit is the first credit repair team who has made any changes to my credit report. I am a dedicated customer and will refer all my friends to you. Peter Williamson, Newport Beach

Thank you so very much for your quick responses and emails. It's great to work with true professionals. Raymond Villanueva, Culver City

I love you guys. Your updates are great and I love being able to access my account online. Melissa Jones, Carson

I am very happy with the job you have done. So happy in fact that I am recommending you to anyone I know with bad credit. After receiving my last credit report I noticed my credit problems are solved. Arnold Evans, Lakewood

I have reviewed my credit reports and can see that you have done a great job of cleaning up my credit. Randy Burns, Long Beach

You are doing a great job. My wife now has signed up and we have sent 5 people your way. Garret Rose, Culver City

Thank you for doing your job very well! William Gomez, Playa Vista

First, thank you. I believe in thanking someone when they do something good for another. Your company has done so many good things for my credit, now I am able to do good things because of my improved credit rating. Terrence Wright, Playa Vista

I am very happy with the results that your company has provided for me. I am able to get a car loan and credit cards that used to be impossible for me to get before I signed up for your service. I have had a total of 12 deletions and I thank you for helping me. Allison Chen, Marina Del Rey

All of you are professional and so pleasant to work with. We have appreciated everything you have done. We will most definitely work with and recommend you in the future. Mark Bronson, Yorba Linda

Thank you for your quick reply. You and your staff have been so responsive to my needs. Keep up the good work. Ellen James, Newport Beach

I am feeling credit worthy! Your company is absolutely outstanding! I must admit that I was doubtful, thank you so much for all your help. Linda Davis, Newport Beach

Thank you very much. I am thrilled with your service and am happy to report that my credit is very good. I have not been able to get a normal credit card for the last 5 years. I now enjoy a good rating and I am approved for most credit lines that I have applied for. John Masen, Huntington Beach

I got my new car! Thank you so much. Your process is so easy. Leslie Alvarez, Arcadia

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